“inspiration from the splendour of Byron Bay, the vibrant streets of New York, the organic wonders of nature…” 

gemma coles hand made jewellery Byron Bay


Gemma Coles handmade jewellery begins with a feeling.

‘I have always believed that the maker’s intentions are captured in each piece of handmade jewellery and are transferred to the person wearing it,’ says Gemma. ‘My pieces are made with love, positive energy and are carefully handcrafted.’

Gemma’s custom jewellery and contemporary collections are handmade from initial concept through to finished piece.

Precious engagement and weddings rings are hand forged using the original rolling mills, hammers, hand tools and torches Gemma began her craft with 15 years ago.

Each design is proudly crafted using premium gemstones along with the highest quality recycled silver and gold. All diamonds are ethically sourced for their beauty and integrity.

The contemporary Audacious Phoebe collection features hand cut wood, leather, silk, metal and gems designed to inspire and uplift.

‘Jewellery is a thing of beauty that should bring happiness and confidence to the wearer,’ says Gemma.

Gemma Coles Jewellery: Handmade jewellery Australia to be worn and loved.

Jewellery is a thing of beauty

that should bring happiness and confidence to the wearer…


Gemma Coles has always been drawn to things of beauty.

As a child she spent many happy hours spellbound at her Granny’s dressing table watching as she applied makeup and jewellery. It was here that her fascination with adornment began.

Through her childhood, painting, drawing and sewing kept her little hands busy, and with her bowerbird eye, she spied treasures and trinkets that she would transform into unique creations.

Fashioning things of beauty became Gemma’s calling and after finishing school she completed a jewellery apprenticeship in Sydney in 2003.

Apprenticed under a jeweller who also handcrafted furniture from timber, Gemma became skilled in working with not only precious metal and stones but wood too. She also learned diamond grading through The Gemmological Association of Australia.

Today Gemma designs and crafts fine jewellery including one-of-a-kind wedding and engagement rings, pendants and earrings using high quality recycled gold and silver and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. She also breathes new life into old, outdated jewellery remodelling the forgotten and forlorn into something a little bit special.

Her everyday glam range – the Audacious Phoebe collection – makes a statement with precious metals, semi-precious gemstones, leather, lace, wood, tulle and silk. Phoebe is perfectly at home at a dignified high tea, a champagne-fuelled long lunch or intimate cocktails with someone dark and mysterious. She’s that kinda gal.

Gemma takes inspiration from the splendour of Byron Bay, the vibrant streets of New York, the organic wonders of nature and her innate understanding of the beauty and promise of her raw materials. And Granny’s beautiful dressing table which now takes pride of place in her home…

Her handmade ready-to-wear pieces are available for sale on this site and through select jewellers, boutiques and galleries around Australia.